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  • Cloud-Talk

    Cloud Talk Creative Logo


    Logo design ideal for social networks, dating services, chat software, social application, forum media, application developer, financial planning, comment symbol …

  • Academy-Music

    Academy Music Logo Design


    Logo design useful for music schools, academy or for music lessons, music site, music gallery, accessories stores, gift shops, studio …

  • Bird-Music

    Bird Music Creative Logo


    Innovation in the form of a box with accomplished piano keyboard for music application, radio, music channel, music site, website to convert and download music, music instrument store, multimedia, disco, studio …

  • royal mic logo

    Royal Mic


    Conception accomplie pour application d’enregistrement vocal, application de musique, radio, chaîne télévisée de musique, site de musique, site de conversion et de téléchargement de musique, magasin d’instrument musical, multimédia, discothèque, studio, logiciels de messagerie vocale …

  • cam eagle creative logo

    Cam Eagle


    Designed for the photographer sector, photo studio, camera and multimedia marketing store, photographer, camera production, mobile application, so useful for the security sector and other sectors.

  • Smiley Music

    Smiley Music


    Perfect design for radio, music channel, studio, production company, gallery, event organizer, music site, mobile music application, multimedia company …

  • pause reading logo design

    Pause Reading


    Logo for companies related to writing and art Library, bookstore, school, daycare, school of architecture, multimedia, publishing house, studio, radio, music, production company, website …

  • colorful butterfly logo template

    Colorful Butterfly


    Logo design ideas for TV channel, TV show, mobile app, studio photographer, clothing boutique, beauty center, spa, yoga …

  • pixel camera logo template

    Pixel Camera


    Logo of a camera for the photographer sector, photo studio, camera marketing and multimedia equipment, film production company, series, cinema, event organizer and wedding …

  • geek music creative logo

    Geek Music


    Ideal for music schools, music TV channel, application, radio, music books, music site, telecommunication company, video game developers and other sectors.

  • peak music logo design

    Peak Music


    Useful design logo for music store, music lessons, online radio, music application, music games application, recording studios and everything that concert music and art.

  • music box online logo design

    Music Box


    Innovation in the form of a box with accomplished piano keyboard for music application, radio, music channel, music site, converting site and music download, music instrument store, multimedia, disco, studio …

  • sahara travel logo design

    Sahara Travel


    Logo of a chamau in the sahara intended for the sector of tourism useful for the travel agencies, transport company, hotel, site of reservation of the hotels, plane, boats, car rental, school of tourism, cafeteria, bazaar …

  • radio palyer online logo design

    Radio palyer


    Simple logo usable for: radio stations, music channel, web radio, music studio, television station …

  • love the music logo

    Love The Music Logo


    Usable innovation for music software, romantic music application, music service, sound recording equipment store, nightclub, dance club …

  • eye mark shop logo design

    Eye Mark


    Logo design with an eye symbol knowledge, desire, power, visual perception useful for the optical sector, ophthalmologist, optician thus useful for the security sector and several fields.

  • Gentleman



    Logo design in the form of a costume with a very useful tie for craft room couturiere, tailor, textile, cloth, clothes, fashion house …

  • Studio-Cloud

    Studio Cloud


    A helmet creation and an accomplished cd Room for everything related to music and radio such as music recording studio, music TV channel, radio channel, production company …

  • THE ARTPencil

    The Art Pencil


    Logo ideal for different professions: school of fine arts, publishing house, stationery, poetry …….

  • Vestiamo



    Logo design for the textile sector man and woman as well as boutique rental of evening dresses, suits and luxury accessories, tailor and fashion house.

  • Prestige-home

    Prestige home


    Logo useful for several sectors such as schools of fine arts, the Visual arts events, Museum, exhibition of painter, as well as agencies of the real estate, hotels, motels etc…

  • PaperBird

    Paper Bird


    A creation done for public companies, post office telecommunications, application of cats as well as pet stores.

  • Music Radio

    Music Radio


    Design logo in the form of a guitar can be useful for Radio, music studio, the Conservatory and the shops of musical instruments.

  • apple gift

    Apple Gift Logo


    a simple logo can be used for a Creamery restaurant, also a nutritionist and dietitian.

  • Ambience

    Ambiance Creative Logo


    This logo design is a combination between the letter A and a suit and a tie knot, can be used for a men’s clothing store, ready to wear fashion brand for man for man, the companies of textile and clothing, designer, designer, haute couture for man,. etc…