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  • online purchase

    Marketing Skills Logo


    perfect design for: stores, shopping center, food store, supermarket, sale or purchase of products online, delivery company, marketing company, e-commerce site…

  • Worldwide

    Worldwide Logo Template


    Logo design for travel agency, tourist company, internet travel blog, reservation site, hotel, transport company, CAMP for vacation visits…

  • service logo

    Fixit Logo Template


    Perfect logo design if you need simple logos, application logos, phone repair logos, communication logos, key logos or technology logos.

  • sos logo

    SOS HELPS Logo Design


    Logo design perfect if you need application logos, software logos, medical logos, phone repair logos, cross logos or red logos.

  • hexagon logo

    Orlando Creative Logo Design


    Orlando Logo is suitable for several areas, can be used for brand or clothing store, a trade site, for a sales / purchase application

  • beauty logo

    Smooth Skin Creative logo


    You have a channel on Youtube or a page on a social network for makeup tutorials, vlogs, this logo will surely impress your followers. Can also be for app beauty tips, beauty center, body care …

  • gps logo

    Story Sender Logo Template


    This logo can be used for: browser, mobile application, software developer, gps service, messaging …

  • music design logo

    Drop Music logo Design


    Creative accomplished logo for download and conversion app, multimedia, studio, music tv channel, music website, or for music producer …

  • Black-OPS

    BlackOPS Net Logo Template


    Simple design can use for browser, business technology, mobile application, mapping, service research, developer …..

  • Call-Cash

    Call Cash logo


    This simple and special logo for: call center, telecommunication company, communication center, mobile application especially chat applications, multimedia company … If you like it, do not hesitate to buy it.

  • Thomson-coffee

    Thomson Coffee logo


    Becher in Form einer Herrenjacke, geeignet für: Kaffee, Cafeteria, Cybercafé, Kaffee- und Teeprodukte, dieses Logo wird Sie sehr gut vorstellen.

  • cassano-forest

    Cassano logo design


    Logo design eagle means nature, freedom and power, which fits the forest, zoo, pet shop, animal products, wild and domestic animal store …

  • beauty-center

    Beauty Center logo template


    This logo is perfect for everything related: spa center, beauty, aesthetics, massage, cosmetics, hair removal center ….

  • Rocket-Bird

    Rocket Bird Logo Template


    Bird logo means messaging, speed, can be used for: browser, mobile application, antivirus, protection, business transfer money, bank, animal product vendor

  • VoiceFix

    VoiceFix Logo


    This accomplished logo for a karaoke application or voice recording, voicemail software, music site, multimedia, disco, studio …, everything related to music

  • OpenDoc

    OpenDoc Logo Template


    Ideal logo can be used for a mobile application and data protection technology, antivuris, software developer, security services …

  • Amoled

    Amoled Logo Template


    Logo “AMOLED” you can use it for: mobile accessories and tools shop, software and application developer, data storage, multimedia, technological products, research service, IT company, social media …

  • Café-les-parisiens

    Café les parisiens Logo


    You plan to open a café, but before starting your activity you must choose your logo which represents you. This logo would suit you perfectly.

  • SpotBox

    SpotBox Logo Design


    This logo is suitable for everything that concerns the application of location, search service, GPS and application targeting software location, mapping….

  • Cambridge

    Cambridge Logo Template


    Ideal logo which adapts several field: Education, real estate, restoration, technology, industrial, decoration … etc, you choose as you want.

  • QuickFix

    QuickFix Logo Design


    Ideal logo can be used for: store watches, accessories, shop computer and mobile tools, technology products, technology company, software developer, mobile app ….

  • Bakery-House

    Bakery House Logo Design


    Logo design ideal for cake makers, pastries, coffee shop, organizer of parties and events, coffee and cupcake shop, recipe site … etc., your pastry deserves a delicious logo, like your recipes.

  • logo-request

    Logo on request


  • Glasses-Cup

    Glasses Cup Logo Template


    You have a coffee shop, a cafeteria, a cybercafe or you sell items for coffee, “Glasses Cup logo Template” will introduce you very well.

  • US-Northern

    US Northern Logo


    US Northern Logo, Two simple bubbles with the tree leaf symbol and the color of the Canada flag can be very useful for French and English language schools, communications courses, also for a Canadian call center, language app, dictionary…

  • Bungalow resort logo template

    Bungalow resort logo template


    Logo of a Bungalow, with its pointed roof and sun and birds, this logo takes us directly back to the summer memories and good times.

    As a house builder, this logo can also be used by a residence, a house group, a real estate agency and many other professionals.

  • Stats pro logo template

    Stats pro logo template


    Curves and statistics illustrated with a new design and an attractive perspective. This logo is ideal for a finance company, design office, office of watches and many other areas.

  • Building logo template

    Building logo template


    Symbolic logo of a building with a contemporary architecture, with use of 2 complementary colors.

    As a house builder, this logo can also be used by a residence, a house group, a real estate agency and many other professionals.

  • Goldbread logo template

    Goldbread logo template


    Crown of wheat, also called laurel wreath, is a triumphal crown that has an honorific distinction symbolizing the glory of the one who receives it.

  • Chicken logo design

    Chicken logo design


    Chicken head with a toque. For a restaurant or snack that serves chicken, or just a restaurant that has a special chicken recipe. Also for a special mobile application chicken recipe.

  • Beauty supply logo design

    Beauty supply logo design


    Hair dryer in action with a well chosen font. Logo for hairdressing centers, beauty center, equipment salesman for beauty salons.

  • Impression

    Kitchen makers logo template


    Part of a kitchen in perspective. Furnishing kitchens, kitchen furniture, or vendor of kitchen equipment.

  • Caftan logo design

    Caftan logo design


    Logo of a Moroccan caftan, golden silhouette of a woman. This logo is perfect for a fashion designer, a women’s clothing store, a gallery, a fashion show …

  • Mexine logo design

    Mexine logo design


    Raised rhombus with the letter M, and small cubes that fly away. This logo is for mobile applications, companies or businesses that have the letter M in their names. Easily modifiable in several other colors.

  • Raccoon logo design

    Raccoon logo design


    Superb illustration of a raccoon. Very detailed logo and chosen color very attractive.

    This logo will undoubtedly serve as a mascot and can be used in various sectors of activity.

    Zoo, park, toy shop, mobile app, website, forum or product.

  • Limo Email logo

    Limo Email logo


    A letter or e-mail in the form of an orange. Well thought out for a mailing company, or standard and electronic mail management application.

  • Sofa Relaxe logo template

    Sofa Relaxe logo template


    Magnificent logo of a baroque sky blue sofa with 2 yellow cushions.

    Furniture seller and sofa designer, this logo and made for you!

  • Asho logo design

    Asho logo design


    Logo of the letter A with character traits of a design agency, a planning agency or an architect and all that goes with the interior architecture.

  • Annette Hedler logo design

    Annette Hedler logo design


    Logo initials in the form of a building, logo presented in two colors. Perfect logo for those who have the letters “A” and “H” as a company, group, or association name.

  • Alyen logo template

    Alyen logo template


    Logo symbolizing a yellow flower with two leaves in blue. Exploitable by a SPA center, or a company operating in the environment, whether an association, a cooperative, a forum or a blog, or a shop that sells related articles.