Starting from: 01 December 2015.

15Logo gives you (the buyer) a current, non-exclusive worldwide license to make use of the (product) logo that you have purchased. Read the rest of this license for the details regarding your use of the logo.

You are allowed to use the logo to create a single final product for yourself or for a client.

A final product requires both the requirement for application of skills, efforts and knowledge in software dealing with vector files, here are 3 examples of final product:

(a) example: you bought a logo and you have only changed its name to the name of your company or your client. The final logo is then named final product.

(b) for example: you bought a logo and you have changed the colors and its name to put the name of your company or your client. The final logo is then named final product.

(c) for example: a final product is a work that incorporates the object as well as other things, so that it is larger and of a different nature from the time bought first logo.

You can change the logo purchased on 15logo according to the needs of your customer and sell it to him at the price you want, this license will then be transmitted to your customer.

You can make a number of copies of the unique final product, also long as the end product is distributed free of charge.

You can combine 2 logos purchased on 15logo, changed the name and change the colors, the logo that will result will be subject to the terms of this license.

You can’t sell the product to more than one customer, if you want to do, it will buy another license.

You cannot redistribute the object as a stock, in a tool or model, or with source files. You can’t do it with an object be of as it is or grouped with other objects, and even if you change the logo. You may not redistribute or make available the article as what or with superficial changes. These things are not allowed, even if the redistribution is free.

You may not use the product in any application that allows an end user to customize a digital product or physical to their specific needs, such as applications ‘on demand’, ‘to the command”or”build it yourself”.

Although you can modify the object and so to remove unwanted components before creating your final product, you can’t extract and use a single component of the logo in another independent file. Example: You bought a logo made up of 2 forms, you do not have the right of dissociated each form in a file and operated 2 logo.

You must not allow an end user of the final product to extract a part of the logo and use it in another final product.

You may not use a part of a logo, brand, or service mark.

If you liked shape, a silhouette or a concept, thank you for buying this logo to get his license.

 This license applies in conjunction with the Conditions 15logo for your use of this web site. If there is an inconsistency between this license and 15logo Conditions, this license will apply to the extent necessary to resolve the incompatibility.

This license can be terminated if you don’t respect not its closed. If this happens, you must stop making copies of the final product or stop to distribute the product until you remove the element of the logo bought on 15logo of your final product.