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  • Raccoon logo design

    Raccoon logo design


    Superb illustration of a raccoon. Very detailed logo and chosen color very attractive.

    This logo will undoubtedly serve as a mascot and can be used in various sectors of activity.

    Zoo, park, toy shop, mobile app, website, forum or product.

  • windmill

    Windmill Logo Design


    Logo ideal for different sectors: agricultural companies, agribusiness company, flour marketing, bakery, pastry, ecological products, groceries, complete food, organic, food, investment firm, financial firm, real estate company, farm Etc …

  • party-shop

    Party Shop Logo Template


    Logo Template perfect for shops, shopping mall, stores decorations, supermarket, online product sales, delivery company, marketing company, e-commerce site, party organizer, caterer, wedding organizer …

  • honey system Logo

    Honey System Logo


    This memorable logo is ideal for health food stores, honey products, honey flavored products, organic foods, gift shops, as well as useful for advertising agency, media, software, technology company, developer product Software …

  • bee beats creative logo

    Bee Beats Creative Logo


    Logo design well adapted for nursery, greeting cards, gift shop, clothing, social media applications, honey related businesses, natural products, bee products, insect products, cosmetics, bee farm, spa, yoga …

  • Moon-Face

    Moon Face Creative Logo


    Simple logo can be used for beauty center, hairdresser, spa, yoga, wellness, massage center, make-up and horn shop, natural product, esthetic cabinet, cosmetic product, cosmetology, perfume brand , Natural product brand, hair product, clothing store, brand image …

  • Sunny-Land

    Sunny Land Logo Template


    Logo design well adapted for agricultural enterprises, agribusiness company, flour marketing, Bakery, pastry, ecological products, groceries, whole foods, organic, food, etc …

  • Planet-Shop

    Planet Shop Logo


    This logo is ideal for: shops, shopping mall, stores decorations, grocery store, supermarket, online product sales, delivery company, marketing company, e-commerce site, import and export company etc.

  • Bee-Creative

    Bee Creative


    Logo design symbol of beauty, softness, growth and wisdom. Useful in different sector: environment sector, food, bee farm, soap products, beauty, spa, yoga …

  • AgroBusiness

    Agro Business


    Ideal for agribusiness, food industry, flour marketing, bakery, pastry, eco-products, groceries, whole food, organic, food, etc …

  • crazy cow logo design

    Crazy Cow


    Logo design well adapted for company specializing in dairy products, food site, farm of pets domestic, brand of sweets or clothing, restaurant, pet shop, food brand, catering, catering, advertising agency, food site …

  • herbal spa logo template

    Herbal Spa Logo Template


    This logo is perfect for beauty center, natural and cosmetic product, spa, yoga, massage, herbalist, beauty product, herbal store, body care products, depilation center …

  • planet food logo template

    Planet Food


    Ideal innovation for restaurants, food products, nutritionists, packaging companies, culinary programs, recipe sites, cooking classes, supermarket, pizzeria …

  • soft logo design



    Innovation of a hair brush can be used for hairdressing salon, beauty and beauty center, hairdressing and beauty school, cosmetic product, hair accessories, spa, yoga, massage, hair care site and beauty.

  • vip barber logo design

    Vip Barber


    Design for all types of businesses: Hairdressers, hair care centers, cosmetics, men’s clothing store, hair accessories …

  • clean home logo design

    Clean Home


    Logo design for home cleaning service, cleaning product industry company, trademark of a laundry product, cleaning products store …

  • Cleaning-&-Pressing

    Cleaning & Pressing


    Logo design of a t-shirt and hanger can be for: textile company, clothing store, laundry, mall, online shopping, fabric brand, and useful for other areas of work.

  • royal elephant logo template

    Royal Elephant


    Logo design in the form of two elephant can be used in several areas: zoo, pet shop, animal care center, veterinary well useful for the building construction sector, game application, product brand, children’s clothing store.

  • Elephant



    Innovation of a cute elephant useful for mechanical garage, coin store, metal construction, zoo, circus, application, software developer, audiovisual, website, cartoon chain, computer graphics company, Other sector of work.

  • colorful butterfly logo template

    Colorful Butterfly


    Logo design ideas for TV channel, TV show, mobile app, studio photographer, clothing boutique, beauty center, spa, yoga …

  • wink bee creative logo

    Wink Bee


    Logo design pure, soft, gives confidence useful for several area: children’s clothing, playground, fast delivery, bee farm, cosmetic product, gourmet food company, gift shop, children’s playroom , Research service …

  • GreenDesign

    Green Design


    Logo design useful for environmental business, florist, gardening tools, cosmetics, health center, yoga, beauty and much else.

  • green life online creative logo

    Green Life Creative Logo


    Logo design ideal for beauty products, cosmetics, center of care, yoga, well-being, florist, event organizer, environmental protection association, arboricultural farm …