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  • banque

    Falcon Ranger Creative Logo


    Logo in the form of a hawk gives an aspect of confidence, strength and honesty ideal for: bank, post office, travel agency, company linked to transport, delivery service, security agency …

  • magnetic source shop logo design

    Magnetic Source Logo Design


    Logo Design useful for many companies: insurance agency, defense, security and surveillance department, advertising agency, media, graphic design company, technology company, software developer, technological product store, multimedia company, music, industrial area …

  • Secret-Docs

    Secure Docs Logo Template


    Logo design in the form of a padlock for professional and personal security, security companies, software development, antivirus, data protection, technology, private residences …

  • lionburg logo design



    Logo design of a lion It can be used in many types of companies: clothing brand, law firm, bank, business company, financial company, stock market, real estate agency, security systems, car brand .. .

  • secret save creative logo

    Secret Save


    Perfect innovation for security agency, insurance, monitoring company, software, key manufacturers, security engineer, emergency service, mobile security application …

  • alaska wolves logo template

    Alaska Wolves


    Innovation for shelter for animals, pet store, veterinary practice, zoo, travel agency, design company, security agency, advertising company, social media company, application of games as well for other categories of work.

  • sunlion creative logo



    Logo design of a lion can be used for several areas: bank, financial company, accounting office, metal construction, law firm, security agency, zoo, pet store, game application, clothing store …

  • fox share shop logo design

    Fox Share


    Design is suitable for media company, multimedia production, technology, software development and calling, finance, company Multimedia, computer graphics, IT management, transport …

  • eagle team logo design

    Eagle Team


    Logo design useful for tourism, IT, technology, security, industry, finance, association of bird protection, transport and logistics …

  • idea house logo design

    Idea House


    Logo clean and modern adapted to the electricity sector manufacturers of lamps, lights also for media, network, conference, group community, consumption studies surveys …

  • touchsecure V2

    Touch Secure V2


    Ein modernes Design eines Schildes und einer Kontur eines Fingerabdrucks, der für Sicherheitsindustrien geeignet ist, Firmensicherheitsdienste, App. Etc …

  • eagle shop logo design



    Prestigious design of an eagle can be employed law firm, insurance, security agency, programming, transportation and animal related business, security applications.

  • Lion-Shield

    Lion Shield Logo Design


    Lion logo can be used for security service, insurance, software developer, Internet service providers, entertainment center design studio, accounting firm, automotive professions from manufacturing to selling, Fixing and car extra goods …

  • eye mark shop logo design

    Eye Mark


    Logo design with an eye symbol knowledge, desire, power, visual perception useful for the optical sector, ophthalmologist, optician thus useful for the security sector and several fields.

  • Bermuda-App

    Bermuda App


    Logo of a shield and two triangle of Bermuda ideal for software Architecture Arts, industrial design software, security application, web design, construction, engineering, technology, mobile device service …

  • mix phone online logo design

    Mix Phone


    Logo design intended for manufacturers of mobile and fixed phones, call centers, telecommunications companies, customer service, audiovisual applications.